What Makes Montreal so Remarkable?

Now, it is understood that by posing this question, individual opinion is at play when coming up with an answer. And it is possible that the response is not always favourable to the point of this article.

Depending on who you ask (especially those from the province of Ontario, Canada), Montreal may just be another crowded metropolis in the world full of expanding concrete jungles. Claims that the inhabitants are not so forgiving in the inability to speak the French language are not fully untrue. However, the motivation behind this stubbornness is commonly misunderstood.

The intention in insisting on using the French language in the city is not to be condescending. It is predominately used as a preservation tool for the language and the culture as a whole. This sentiment can be observed throughout the historic urban centre in an intriguingly unique way.

There is a peculiar method in which the people choose to express what the city is, and what they want it to be: art. Long used as a communication tool, this method seems to exemplify what exactly a dynamic city is. The artistic abilities of the French are without question something magnificent and it was carried over to Montreal at its very core. Whether it be on the road, on a building, or part of the infrastructure itself, there is simply no lack of creativity that is undoubtably French. With this, they display the quench to maintain their roots.

Walk a couple blocks down any major district (Le Plateau, Old Port, and Little Italy to name a few) and it is strikingly obvious to see a city that has various ethnic influences. Like most municipalities, there are various quarters in Montreal that have a large concentration of a certain ethic background. However, a majority of regions exisist where various identities intertwine into a fascinating community of there own.

Former colonies of the French have large populations in Montreal, including Vietnamese, Lebanese, and many West African nations. This makes for a cuisine landscape that is extraordinary among North American cities.

Very notable is the Haitian crowd who have establishments throughout the city that have brought much attention to the small nation. Overall,the African diaspora is overwhelmingly vibrant in this case and greatly celebrated.

From the House of Jazz to the Disco joint called Electric Avenue, this is a city that virtually has any entertainment that comes to ones imagination. Kilometres of roads are shut down every weekend for street festivals. It is the textbook definition of metropolitan, yet so incredibly culturally rich from its French roots. The possibilities are limitless.

And so, through the trials and tribulations to the misconceptions by rest of North Americans, the city of Montreal has long been progressive. Progressive in sustaining ones cultural values, ones religion, while also taking a futuristic approach of evolving to diverse communities.

It is agreed that Montreal have its own set of downfalls. However, it is exemplary in its cultural sophistication and sense of community. It feels much more human and maintains a undeniable pulse when compared to other North American cities.

It has concepts and ideas that are very valuable and needed in our fast past modern day society. Eminently, it shows the ability to dream.

But don’t just simply take our word for it! Here are other raving reviews of Montreal.
And of course if you have the chance to visit, do it.


The Guardian


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