Design and Architecture: For the masses, not just the high classes

When it comes to our architectural surroundings, many questions arise. But perhaps the most pressing one is never asked; why is architecture innately thought to be something solely for the upper – crust?

It is understood that being an architect is a noble profession. This can also be said about people in urban planning. The work they perform transforms landscape. Their is a prestige for what they create.

But the regular folk must be in mind. Imagination and inventiveness is what we crave.

After all, it is the general population that make use of these common spaces.
Spaces that are meant to allow people to dream – to be inspired in our everyday lives.

A famous quote from Adolfo Natalini, late Italian architect, really captures the sentiment of this article:

“if design is merely an inducement to consume, then we must reject design; if architecture is merely the codifying of bourgeois model of ownership and society, then we must reject architecture; if architecture and town planning is merely the formalization of present unjust social divisions, then we must reject town planning and its cities…until all design activities are aimed towards meeting primary needs, until then, design must disappear, we can live without architecture” – Adolfo Natalini

Many cities around the world succumb to standard push for development without pre – planning for one simplistic area – human engagement.

North American powerhouses pride themselves on the level of building (take Toronto for example). In cities such as these with an enormous housing crisis, uniqueness gets pushed to the wayside. Innovation is no longer.

But the need to be motivated, moved, and fulfilled by the areas around us can longer be subsided.

Architecture was made for people.

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